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Full Of Beans

We all love beans and few plots are without a row of runners or some dwarf or climbing French varieties. Runners remain our favourites, but needing support they can be more difficult to grow, especially in small spaces. ‘Jackpot Mix’ contains a mixture of runner bean x dwarf French bean hybrids which are said to produce big yields of runner bean-sized pods on compact, self-fertile plants. Dwarf French beans are really prolific and great freezer that can be relied upon even in a poor summer. ‘Compass’ produces very fine pods in great numbers and can be harvested from May to September.

Spreading The Harvest

It may seem crazy but until recently EU regulations prevented seed companies from mixing different varieties of the same crop in one seed packet. “Why would they want to?” you might ask. Well, because this allows them to supply three or four varieties chosen to provide a succession of cropping. Sounds like a great idea and T&M will launch six mixtures this year, available from garden centres, to see if customers agree. The mixtures include sweetcorn, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, leeks, mangetout peas and cabbages.

Editable Ornamentals

Fuchsia enthusiasts know that many varieties produce dark, edible berries that have been used for many years to make tasty jams and preserves. T&M has selected a variety which it says has the best edible berries of all. ‘Fuchsia Berry’ produces typical red and purple blooms each of which gives rise to a succulent berry. These ornamental-edible kales are best eaten while still quite young (described as ‘teen leaf’), or allowed to reach maturity and grown as ornamental plants.


Roots To A Great Variety

When it comes to carrots, orange roots are so yesterday. ‘Creampak F1’ produces slender creamy white roots which are described as having a sweet taste that is delicious raw or cooked. Ready to harvest in 63 days.  Still prefer them orange? For a good stump rooted variety try Carrot ‘Norfolk F1,.described as having exceptional flavour and good resistance to cavity spot.

New Onions And Garlic

One of the most versatile crops in the kitchen, onions are a year-round staple. The flattened bulbs are ideal and attractive for the showbench as well as the kitchen. W Robinson & Son continues to be synonymous with supplying top quality veg seeds for a long time and has expanded its range for 2016. It is now introductions include one of its specialities, onions. ‘Rose of Roscoff’ is referred to as a fine flavoured onion, a tradition Breton onion from France. Simple to grow and shops nicely. Supplied as sets.

Who doesn’t adore the flavor of garlic bread? Well new variety ‘Topinky Wight’ is the thing – according to suppliers D T Brown. Topinky is the Czech name for garlic bread that is toasted. The flavour is described as powerful and hot and it is a great keeper.

New Baker And Boiler

Potato fans might like to try a new second early variety ‘Constance’. Described as easy to grow, the large, oval tubers have a smooth texture and buttery taste. It is said to have good blight resistance too.


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