The Best Corded Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers, also known as bush trimmers are gardening tools that enable you trim your garden, flower beds and fences. There are different types of hedge trimmers. The manual scissor-shaped trimmers are cheapest and easy to operate. Motorized trimmers are of two categories; electric hedge trimmers and gas powered trimmers. They operate in the same mechanism as finger- bar mowers.

The electric powered trimmers are lighter and compared to gasoline trimmers. However, the lighter electric trimmers are less powerful than the gasoline motor powered trimmers. They are less noisy and very environmentally friendly
Electric hedge trimmers also knows as corded hedge trimmers are small, light and are very easy to operate. They are suitable for small home yards since they enable you easily maneuver around tight quarters overhead and. They are also very economical; prices usually lower than $ 100.

BLACK & DECKER- HH2455 – This model is relatively cheap, the average market price is around -$70. Very light weight and have auto power lock. The on-lock trigger lets you lock the power switch when you are trimming. This offers a considerable convenience compared to most gasoline powered trimmers where you continuously squeeze the on button when working.
The rotating handle swings up to a 180-degree arc giving you ease to change the trimming angle when operating in tight quarters or from uncomfortable positions. They weight approximately 6.5 pounds and 24-inch blade. And has a power rating of 3.3 amps.

BLACK & DECKER -TR117 – Very economical and lighter; the estimated market price is around $30. It has a 17-inch blade. It is ideal for home owners who have want to trim small rounded hedges within tight surrounding. It is very lightweight; around 5 pounds and has minimal vibration. The TR117 enables you cut branches up to 0.7 inch thick it has a power rating of 3.0 amps and a 20 volts rechargeable battery.

TORO- 51490 –Has the highest power rating compared to other corded hedge trimmers. Has the highest power rating- 4 amp. It is very economical; estimated to be around $ 60. Has a better performance and can cut up to 0.6 inch thick branches. The ergonomic designs of this particular model make it more durable.
It is relatively light and suitable when you want to work faster and longer without getting hand fatigue. 20 V LI-ION batteries and a cord lock helps get un- interrupted power while working enabling to trim, continuously and smoothly.

BLACK and DECKER LHT2220– This model has an average of 44%inreduced vibrations. This means that you have can work smoothly and lesser hand fatigue. It comes with comes with a 20 rechargeable volts lithium Ion, it can run for long without power interruptions. Easy to use, the LHT2220 has a wrap-around handle giving you a good grip when trimming. Average price- $ 70

DEWALT DCHT820P1–This particular model has a very compact design. It is light; 7.5 pounds, enabling to work even from uncomfortable positions or overhead safely without strain. Has 22 inch blade and can cut up to branches of 0.75 inch thick branches. The 22 inch blade is hooked to enable clean cutting. DEWALT DCHT 820P1runs on 20V, 5Ah Li-ION battery. You will have more time to smoothly trim your edges without ever worry about power interruptions. Average price – $ 80

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