Bosch 1617evspk vs Dewalt dw618pk Wood Router

Today, we are going to discuss and define the two finest wood routers which are usually used for home improvements and the making of different wood designs. That will help us to decide that which the top-rated wood router is. Wood routers are basically used to make different wood designs of your own choice. Many of the carpenters are also using these routers nowadays. There are many companies who are manufacturing such kind of tools, but we will discuss the top rated of them. Bosch 1617evspak and Dewalt dw618pk are the models of wood routers which will be discussed in this article describing their making features, description and benefits.

Bosch 1617evspak

So, let’s talk about the Bosch 1617evspak wood router first. It is one of the very best tools to use it in all kind of situations. It helps you to make the best quality of designs with its latest and sharp technology. Well, this is said that this model has more advantages as compared to its disadvantages. Many people use to complain about the making and working of these routers, but sometimes, the major issue is that the users don’t have the perfect and accurate information of using them. Which later on, result in bad designs and then they blame the wood router for this happening!


Let’s take a brief look on the basic features of Bosch 1617evspak to understand this product completely and more clearly.

  • It has the powerful motor installed 2-1/4- horsepower
  • It also has the electronic variable speed function
  • It has the fix base as well as the plunge base, which gives a stronger impact
  • It starts of softly, without any electric load or pressures
  • You can also use the feature of microfine depth adjustments
  • It also has the capacity of 8000 to 25000 rpm
  • You can use this wood router for aluminum construction
  • It has the fix base working handles
  • It also has the soft grip for plunge base
  • It comes with a warranty of one year

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Dewalt dw618pk

Dewalt dw618pk is the other wood router we are going to discuss now. It also has some similar functions which the other router has. But there are some different facts about Dewalt dw618pk wooden tool. Like, many of the carpenters use to suggest this model as the best choice for making wooden designs. May be! It’s because of the muscular shape of this router that helps users to make any design and to articulate any kind of wood. It also has a very powerful motor which provides full force during its use. This tool has the capacity to go through the toughest woods to carve them as per your willing and demand. Dewalt dw618pk is sold globally all around the world and that clearly shows that this one has some strong and excellent reviews from the users. Following are the prominent features of this wooden router.

  • It comes with a 12-mp powerful motor which has the 2-1/4 horse power
  • Users can adjust this router, as it has the depth adjustment feature
  • Collects are provided with this router when bought new
  • It also has facility of adjustable locks
  • Electronic variable speed helps to work sharply
  • It also has the column for dust collection
  • Rpm 8000 to 25000
  • It also starts softly without taking any load

After having a complete look on the features and capabilities of both Bosch 1617evspak and Dewalt dw618pk models, all we can say is that if you have to compare both of these at the time of buying, then it is quite difficult to make a choice after the review and research on both of them. These two routers have durable, advanced and unique features while some of the functions are similar as well. And both of these are quite handy for the use and the making of latest wooden designs. Both have the same kind of reviews and ratings as well.

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